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December 2007

Aero Tec releases "AeroTrip".. the latest in flight operations control software.

Aero Tec is pleased to announce the release of AeroTrip.  AeroTrip is designed with the latest technology to provide the on demand charter operator with a comprehensive software suite. It includes, crew duty planning, crew training, a trip planning module including customer data, itinerary, charter quoting, crew scheduling, FBO's, passenger management, trip overview, and invoicing.

April 2007

AeroWeb Version 2.1.103 Released

New reports and features are now included with AeroWeb 2.1.103.

July 2005

AeroWeb Version 2.1.95 Released

AeroWeb V2.1.95 is now available and includes Canadian Aviation Regulation IFR flight time and approach tracking.  The IFR crew summary provides a full list of crewmembers and the amount of IFR flight time/approaches the expiry date the number of approaches or flight time that took place six months prior.

A new airport search function is also now available. Airports can be located by entering the airport name or portion of a name in the search utility.

April 2005

AeroTrack Crew Tracking Software

Aero Tec is pleased to announce the release of a new crew tracking software product called "AeroTrack

AeroTrack is a software product designed to track the flight time, duty time and currency of your crewmembers.  AeroTrack provides data entry warnings as well as regulatory reports in either the Federal Aviation Regulation or Canadian Aviation Regulation formats.

Click here for more information..

March 2005

Crewmember aircraft type and night currency tracking.

AeroWeb now tracks crewmember aircraft type and night currency requirements.  CAR summaries are available detailing the number of takeoff and landings that the crewmember has been credited with in the previous 90 days for type or 6 months in the case of night currency.  If a crewmember has completed the required number of takeoff and landings for a given period, the summary produces a date indicating when the crewmembers currency will expire.

December 2004

Revised Crewmember information

Additional fields have been added to the crewmember database to provide more comprehensive crew information.

FAR 121.500 Supplementary

AeroWeb now includes crewmember compliance checking of the FAR 121.500 Supplementary regulations.  The system provides violation warns on both domestic and international rules for two crewmember operations.

Optional crew tracking on block times

An option has been added to AeroWeb to track crew flight time on the actual out and in times or block times.  A check box has been added to the system settings to choose these option.  

October 2004

Screen Security 

AeroWeb version 2.1.72 is now available and includes company defined screen security levels. Security levels can be assigned to each user of the system from 1 through 10. The system will only allow access to the modules of those users who have been assigned the security level of each module or lower.

Streamlined flight closing procedure

In an effort to streamline the flight closing procedure the three step method of closing flights has been changed to one simple closing form. The addition of option buttons for those users who wish to enter your tach / hobbs times or duty designators are still available.

September 2004

Crew Board - Blanket Duty Periods and Rest

Aero Tec has released the latest version of AeroWeb featuring new crew board options that streamline the application of crewmember duty time and rests. The "Blanket Duty and Rest" allows the scheduler to assign the duty periods and rests to one or all of the crewmembers on the crew board with just a couple of clicks!

August 2004

Sunrise / Sunset Calculator

AeroWeb now features a sunrise/sunset calculator to help plan your daylight operations.  Enter a worldwide airport in either 4 or 3 letter identifier then select a date. Sunrise and sunset times are displayed in both universal coordinated time (GMT) and local time.

May 2004

Automated Duty Time Tracking

An option has been added to automatically update crewmembers duty periods based on the estimated departure and arrival times or the actual departure and arrival times entered on the operations board.

Flight Templates

A new method of adding  flights has been added to the operations board called “Flight Templates”.  The flight templates feature allows you to build a flight or pairing of flight legs for quick application of re-occurring flights to the operations board.

April 2004 

Crew Training Module

AeroWeb now has a comprehensive crew training module.  Courses are easily applied and tracked on a spreadsheet format.  Training items entered still display warnings on the crew board as well provide you with 30, 60, 90 day warning reports.  This module replaces the training item section on the crewmember data form.

March 2004 

Time Away from Base (TAFB) Calculations

AeroWeb now tracks your crewmember's time away from home base for calculation of crew wages or per diems. The system tracks both domestic and international hours and also takes into account crew that are transiting several times through their home base during a single duty period.  Deadheading crew transiting away from base are also accounted for with the addition of positioning strips on the crew board.

Canadian Aviation Regulations Flight Time and Duty/Rest Summaries

AeroWeb has two new reports designed for the tracking of Canadian Aviation Regulation crewmember flight time and duty and rest time. The CARS Flight Time report details the crewmember's flights total flight hours for past 24, 7, 30, 42, 90, 180, 365 days. The CARS Duty/Rest report details the crewmember's name, date, description, start and end times and totals. 

Visit our Crew Scheduling page for more information.

January 2004

Extended CARS compliance checking

Aero Tec has expanded crewmember regulation violation checking to include the Canadian Aviation Regulation part "720 Standards" for those operators who have "ops spec" approval. 

Visit our Crew Scheduling page for more information.

New quotation module features

New quotation module features include a customer dropdown selector for adding and retrieving quotes.  The flight itinerary also features the ability to enter special leg rates and displays flight leg totals. 

Visit our Quotations page for more information.

New schedule application features

AeroWeb's schedule application feature now lets you add regularly scheduled flights from a day up to a month at a time in one step. 

Visit our Flight Scheduling page for more information.

New Crew Board features

New crew board enhancements include improvements in system performance, a quicker method of entering flight duty times, and a new crewmember assignment flight display feature. 

Visit our Crew Scheduling page for more information.

New flight features

In addition to the leg comments. The flight form now features trip or flight comments and also lets you assign a customer to your flights for tracking.

New summaries and reports

AeroWeb has several new summaries and reports including new trip reports, flight following, quotation and training reports.

November 2003

Passenger management module.

AeroWeb now features a passenger module for managing, booking and tracking your passengers.  

Some of the features include.

  • Track your passenger information including passport, medical information and preferences.

  • Search utility for searching passengers by name, phone number, passport or company.

  • Flight booking lets you choose the passenger then search available flights on a given city pair including stopovers.

  • System warnings for passport expiry and double bookings.

  • Graphical seating chart displays booked seats and seats available.

  • System provides unique confirmation numbers.

  • Trip reports and manifests.

Visit our Passenger Management and Booking page for more information.

Crew Board view adjustment.  

The crew board now features an adjustable view from one to seven days allowing greater ease and flexibility in the planning of your crewmembers.

Crew Board multiple flight assignment.

A new feature has been added to the crew board to enable the assignment of a crewmember to multiple flights within a date range. 

August 2003

Quick add and edit flight strips

The operations board now features graphical quick add and edit flight strip options. The new add flight strip feature lets you to choose an aircraft, enter the flight number, origin, destination and ETD.  The system automatically extrapolates the ETA and places the flight strip on the operations and crew board.

June 2003

Estimated time extrapolation

The quote module and add flight function now feature estimated flight time extrapolation. The system calculates a trip distance, then uses average aircraft speeds to calculate the enroute time. AeroWeb stores a history of the actual flight times from previous trips, and averages the actual  times to provide you with an accurate estimate for your future operations.

Universal to local time conversion

If you prefer to enter your itineraries in local time, the quote module features local to UTC time conversion. You can enter your schedules in either local or universal coordinated time. The system converts the times and also accounts for daylight savings time. Local times are displayed on your printed quote for client convenience.

Send your itinerary from the quote module to the ops board

When your quote is complete, you can send the itinerary to the operations board.  AeroWeb will only allow you to select from a list of available aircraft  that do not conflict with other flight operations.

Operations Board Pause Polling

The operations board now features a pause polling button. This allows you to temporarily stop the operations board  from resetting to present time, which is a particularly useful if you are working with a flight from a previous date.

Customer Database

In association with the quotation module the customer database allows you to store your customer information and preferences. This information is used for your creating and printing charter quotes and reports.

March 2003

Hobbs tracking option added.

AeroWeb now features the option to track the airframe time using either Hobbs entries or the actual off and on times. Simply enter Hobbs meter out and in readings as the flight is being closed.

Latest AeroWeb version includes a Quotation Module!

Aero Tec is pleased to announce that the latest version release of AeroWeb will feature an integrated charter quoting module. The quotation module provides a consistent and accurate method of scheduling and costing your charter flights. 

Some of the features of the quotation module include:

  • A customer database for customer specifics and preferences.

  • Quotations are logged by customer for easy tracking, retrieval and revision.

  • Quotation costing based on distance or time.

  • System extrapolates your estimated time of arrival based on an estimated time of departure or vice-versa.

  • Aircraft selector allows you to perform quick cost comparisons between different aircraft types.

  • You set the tax rate and have the option to decide which items are taxed and which items are not.

  • System allows you to enter your own additional billing detail.

  • Settings allow you to enter your own introduction and disclaimer messages on your quotation.

    October 2002

    FAR 121 Flag and CAR 700 Crew Scheduling 

    Aero Tec Software is pleased to announce the latest release of AeroWeb Version 2.0 featuring FAR 121.481 (Flag) and CAR 700 crew scheduling duty limitation checking on subparts 702, 703, 704, and 705.  Canadian operators now have proven software available that recognizes the fundamental differences between the crew duty limitations of the Federal Aviation Regulations and the Canadian Aviation Regulations.  

    The latest release of AeroWeb features a crew scheduling module that supports FAR parts 135/121 and CARs 700 crew compliance checking.

    October 2002

    Schedule Input module upgrade

    A new modification has also been made to the aircraft scheduling Input module.  The change was made to improve the performance and functionality of this module. Refer to the latest release of the "AeroWeb Access Manual" for more information. 

    September 2002

    Aero Tec Releases AeroWeb V2.0 Crew scheduling module featuring FAR part 135 crew compliance checking!

    Aero Tec Software is pleased to announce its latest system version 2.0 that includes FAR 135 scheduled, non-scheduled and FAR 121 domestic crew schedule checking checking as part of the new "Crew Board module.  This latest application checks the regulations and advises which duty limitation has been exceeded and provides a solution.  The system also includes the stat bar which provides a running accumulation of your crewmembers hours for the past calendar year, quarter, month, 7 days, 24 hours and last rest.