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AeroTrack Online

AeroTrack Online is a comprehensive online crew tracking system to help with the day to day planning and decision making to keep your flight operation running smoothly.  Crewmembers can access their flight records from where ever there is an internet connection and web browser.  Company defined regulation warnings and alerts let the pilots know if they are approaching a flight or duty time violation.  Your company administrator controls it all, from the password assignment, crewmember entry, company defined regulatory checks, the violation screen that displays all of your pilot violations. Report features include cumulative and flight/duty time summaries that can be exported for email or formatted to PDF. AeroTrack Online also features a flight module to track your crewmembers with their flight details, and providing an overview of on time performance. We can also build custom reports specific to your operation. AeroTrack Online is affordable for any flight department and subscriptions can be purchased monthly, or on a 6 month or annual term.  


AeroTrip is a software system to help make the operational decisions that are required to keep your aviation business running safely and smoothly. AeroTrip helps your company to take advantage of every opportunity in a competitive aviation marketplace. Designed for the on demand charter, fractional and corporate operator, AeroTrip will help you through the steps of building your trips so that no detail is overlooked.  Itinerary features allow you to find airports, available aircraft, and accurately calculate flight time. If a quote is required, user defined rate schedules ensure fees and taxes are not missed by your operations or sales staff. 

Crew assignments are selected from defined crew groups and a graphic "Crew Planner" shows you if the crewmember is on duty, reserve or unavailable. If there are any crew violations, user defined regulation warnings will display any problems.  An FBO database is available to help set up handling and the passenger management functions control the booking of your passengers.  A final pre-flight check is produced along with the trip report. When the trip is complete, the actual flight and crew costs can be entered for invoicing, and the graphical "Trip Browser" will help put your entire operation in perspective.

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AeroWeb is an integrated software product designed more for the scheduled/charter airline operator, providing a comprehensive system of software tools to organize and reduce the costs of your flight department. AeroWeb features a scheduling and flight following electronic "Operations Board" that features color coded flight strips and status warnings. The crew scheduling module features a graphical "Crew Board" and includes Federal Aviation Regulation (FAR) part 135/121 and Canadian Aviation Regulation (CAR) part 702-705 compliance checking.  AeroWeb includes databases for your aircraft, airport, crewmember, customer and training information. Optional modules include an integrated charter quotation module and passenger management and booking module. AeroWeb features various aircraft, crew, trip, manifest and regulatory summary and detail reports.

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AeroTrack is designed for smaller charter or corporate operator for accurately logging and reporting your crewmembers flight time, duty time, currency, medicals and training requirements.  AeroTrack features clear, concise data entry forms for assigning your crewmembers to flights and duty time. Warning parameters have the flexibility to assign your own maximum flight, duty and rest period warnings.  Automatic entry warnings pop-up if a crewmember exceeds a flight or duty time maximum, rest time, medical or training due date. The user friendly forms let you to sort, filter or search various data categories. Regulatory summary reports in Federal Aviation Regulation or Canadian Aviation Regulation formats.

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