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March 2011

Aero Tec releases latest upgrades to AeroTrack Online

Aero Tec software is pleased to announce the latest upgrades to AeroTrack Online. Modifications to streamline the duty time and flight time logs as well as new currency fields to track night takeoff/landing, IFR approaches, IFR hours, aircraft type and crewmember roles.

March 2010

Aero Tec Software introduces AeroTrack Online

Aero Tec is pleased to announce the release of AeroTrack Online.  

AeroTrack Online offers many of the features as the AeroTrack program and is internet hosted so it can be accessed from any internet browser or web enabled mobile device.  AeroTrack Online is designed for the corporate to the mid size charter operator and is well priced for today's economic reality.  Click here for more information.

News Archive

Aero Tec releases AeroTrip

AeroWeb Version 2.1.103 Released

AeroWeb Version 2.1.95 Released

AeroTrack Crew Tracking Software

Crewmember aircraft type and night currency tracking

Revised crewmember information

121.500 Supplementary duty compliance checking

Screen Security

Streamlined closing procedure

Blanket Duty Periods and Rest

Sunrise Sunset Calculator

Automated Duty Time Tracking

Flight Templates

Crew Training Module

Time Away from Base Calculations (TAFB)

New CARs regulatory reports

Extended CARS compliance checking

New quotation module features

New schedule application features

New Crew Board features

New flight customer features

New summaries and reports

Passenger Management Modules

Crew Board enhancements - View adjustment - Multiple Flight Assignment

Quick add and edit flight strip features

Estimated time extrapolation

Universal to local time conversion

Send your itinerary from the quote module to the ops board

Operations Board Pause Polling

Customer Database

Hobbs tracking option added

Latest AeroWeb version includes a Quotation Module

FAR 121 Flag and CAR 700 Crew Scheduling

Schedule Input module upgrade

Aero Tec Releases AeroWeb V2.0 Crew scheduling module