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AeroTrack Online

Accessible, Comprehensive, Customizable, Reliable.....a complete crew tracking system that won't break the bank!  Be sure your flight operation is meeting it's regulatory obligations at all times with AeroTrack Online! 


You define the regulation warning checks that meet your company's standards

A crewmembers maximum flight time requirements can vary depending on the type of flight operation. AeroTrack Online lets you set up company defined regulation checks to provide specific violation warnings and alerts.


Access your crewmember flight data from any internet browser

AeroTrack Online offers the convenience of a central hosted database for your crewmembers flight logs. Pilots can enter their flight/duty times from any internet browser using a secure ID/Password. AeroTrack provides an immediate warning of any flight, duty or rest violations.



Violation Screen shows all your regulation warnings and alerts

The regulation violation and warning feature displays any active violation warnings for one or all of your crewmembers on a single screen.


Print or export your regulatory reports for planning and audits

Report features include crewmember cumulative and flight/duty time summaries. Reports can be exported for email or printed (including PDF format) from any browser.


Affordable for any size flight department with no long term contracts

Purchase a 6 month subscription and get one for free or two months free with a 12 month subscription.

Click to order or call Toll free 877-731-2377 and get started today!

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